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About Greentech

Acquitting an eye for detail and customer motives, without compromising on quality, Greentech comprises among the initial introducers of UPVC to India. Applied for the fabricating of doorways, windows, partitions and frames for glass fabrications, we push the limits of applied science to create efficiently and visually imploring products of the extreme quality. We empathize the importance of surroundings conservation and are decisively consecrated to the cardinal necessities at every footstep of our business activities, including the use of UPVC materials.

As a company today, with years of experience, we bear came after in building up a range of progressive technologies to fabricate windowpanes and doors, characterization lamination in various colors, insect screen and glass solutions. With the provision of exceeding services and expertise, we have obtained consuming client responses. Our infinite products include casement windows & doors, shift & transform shutters, sliding windows & doors, designer window, conservatory, and Collapsible doors. With such a wide range of products and increased production capabilities, we bear constituted able to build a accented loyalty amongst a vast client base that is spread all across the nation. UPVC also used in products such as clothes, shoes, credit cards, sewer, sports, electricity, water pipes and water and wind resistant jackets, etc.

All our products follow the similar rigorous fabricating action and are conformable with the latest national and international criteria of quality. Already recognized for its durability and rigidity, we strengthen the UPVC products with galvanized steel that superlatively enhances the safety and security of our products.